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Meet Dr. Robin Arthur

Dr. Robin Arthur is a nationally recognized clinical psychologist and creator of Becoming Emotionally Healthy, the masterclasses. Throughout these online courses, Dr. Arthur focuses on providing skills parents, teachers, and caregivers can use immediately to improve the emotional health of you and your family.

Dr. Arthur returned to private clinical practice in 2017 and has treated adults, families, adolescents, and parents for over 25 years. She is the CEO & Managing Director of Transform Consulting LLC and president of Transform Foundation, Inc. Dr. Arthur also serves as the consulting psychologist at the Olympus Center of Best Point Behavioral Health and Education. In addition to her work as a clinical therapist, she is a highly sought-after business consultant and executive coach to senior executives nationally.

Dr. Arthur launched these programs in partnership with Cincinnati’s leading agency serving youth, Best Point. She now delivers the courses with partnerships through her non-profit, Transform Foundation, Inc. These programs will help parents, teachers, and other caregivers help their children rebound from the mental duress caused by (or exacerbated by) COVID and beyond.

Dr. Robin Arthur

"Dr. Robin Arthur is among the top psychologists nationally known. She is an excellent therapist, a talented trainer, and a gifted consultant. Dr. Arthur’s diverse background enables her to assist complex patients and families, as well as executives and organizations seeking transformation. Her wonderful sense of humor, bright spirit, and professional acumen make her an engaging teacher and professional!"

Brett Dowdy, Psy.D. Chief Of Psychological Services,
Lindner Center Of HOPE
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